Polyakova A. Cannabis sativa L. in northeastern Ukraine: morphological and biological features and secretory function of monoecious genotypes

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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The dissertation is devoted to the study of biological, morphological, anatomical, biochemical characteristics of plants in ontogenesis, the formation and variability of specialized excretory structures of various monoecious genotypes (11) of Cannabis sativa L. in the north-east of Ukraine.The morphological-biological and anatomical differences of the vegetative organs, the peculiarities of the seasonal growth rhythm, and the development of C. sativa plants, depending on genotypic features, are established.The features of the formation and variability of the secretory structure and cannabinoid compounds in monoecious genotypes of domestic and foreign origin are established. It is revealed that the specialized excretory structures of the studied genotypes of various ecological and geographical zones are represented by glands of three types: capitate sessile, capitate-stalked, bulbous.

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