Semenyug O. Models and methods for achieving electromagnetic compatibility of cable lines of frequency controlled electric drives

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 05.09.03 - Електротехнічні комплекси та системи


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К 05.052.05

Vinnytsia national technical university


Thesis on competition of scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences by specialty 05.09.03 «Electrotechnical complexes and systems». – Vinnitsia National Technical University, Vinnytsia, 2019. The dissertation is devoted to the development of methods for increasing the length of cable lines in variable frequency drives with ensuring their electromagnetic compatibility. In the thesis, on the basis of a mathematical model of the distribution of electric energy in cable lines of frequency-controlled electric drives, a method for the analytical calculation of wave processes in cable lines is developed and a method for the analytical calculation of the line efficiency is created. Based on this, the conditions for the transfer of electric energy between frequency converters and motors with minimal losses are determined. It is proved that when using multicore cables, the conclusion of improving electromagnetic compatibility as communication lines between frequency converters and motors is not possible. A technique is proposed for improving electromagnetic compatibility, which consists in using a system of separate shielded single-core cable lines operating in a distortion-free mode. The proposed method allows to increase the length of the cable line between the pulse-width converter and an induction motor with electromagnetic compatibility between them. Keywords: frequency drive, electromagnetic compatibility, cable line, line without distortion, long cable problem.


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