Hretsa S. Legal enforcement of constitutional obligations in EU countries

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 12.00.02 - Конституційне право; муніципальне право


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Д 61.051.07

Uzhhorod National University State Higher Educational Institution


The dissertation is devoted to the study of the legal support of the fulfillment of constitutional obligations in the EU countries. Theoretical and legal bases of ensuring the fulfillment of constitutional duties are considered, constitutional duties and means of ensuring their fulfillment in the European Union are classified, problems and prospects of using the experience of EU member states to improve legal means of ensuring fulfillment of constitutional duties in Ukraine are studied. The main transformational factors that intensified research on the institution of human and civil responsibilities (consolidation of human and civil responsibilities in international human rights treaties; introduction of EU citizenship; deepening integration between EU member states, between the EU and third countries are not members of the EU, the development of civil and political society, the growth of the scale and level of threats to international peace and security). The main regularities of the process of development of theoretical and legal thought on the legal support of the fulfillment of constitutional obligations in the EU member states are revealed. The author's definition of the concept of a means of ensuring the constitutional responsibilities of man and citizen is formulated. The stages of development of legal regulation to ensure the fulfillment of constitutional obligations in the member states of the European Union and their characteristics are highlighted.


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