Oliynyk O. Methods and tools for building computerized measuring systems with vibration-frequency sensors and software data visualization

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 05.13.05 - Комп'ютерні системи та компоненти


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Д 26.194.03

V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The thesis is devoted to the solution of the actual scientific and applied problem of the development and improvement of computerized systems for measuring technological parameters using vibration-frequency sensors with data visualization, which allow obtaining reliable information in real time about the actual and predicted state of technological equipment in production conditions with unknown distribution laws of data measurement errors. Taking into account the factors that significantly influence the efficiency of the computerized measuring systems of technological parameters, an automated design system for non-metallic cylindrical flow-through resonators with a wide scope of application and a multifunctional vibration-frequency sensor for measuring density, viscosity, force (pressure) with a universal characteristic have been developed. The Kalman filtering method for measuring information obtained under industrial conditions with increased noise was further developed. For a noise distribution other than Gaussian, an algorithm was developed for the preliminary identification of the laws of noise distribution using the entropy coefficient of the distribution law and counter-recession, which made it possible to largely compensate for the effect of noise on the measurement result and ensure the reliability of information, and reduce the entropy error. A method for the classification of noisy signals by the machine learning method in the presence of local minima depending on the sum of the squares of the wavelet coefficients of detailing the level of the wavelet decomposition has been developed. The method for analyzing the unsteadiness of vibration signals has been improved and an automated system has been developed using the wavelet and Fourier coefficients of autocoherence, taking into account their sensitivity to the distance estimation method, which allows numerically and visually identifying equipment defects at an early stage of their appearance. This made it possible to design the structure of computerized measuring systems of technological parameters and monitoring for real operating conditions. The device for identifying the active state of the operator in the monitoring systems of vibration-frequency sensors has been improved, which has provided an increase in the quality of control. The results of the theoretical and experimental studies have been implemented at the leading enterprises in the city of Dnipro and abroad. Key words: computerized system, vibration-frequency method, resonator, vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, control reliability, Kalman filtering, machine learning, wavelet analysis.


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