Borodiny V. Increasing efficiency of information system of complex security of buildings protection

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 126 - Інформаційні системи та технології


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ДФ 26.056.025

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture


ABSTRACT Borodynia V.V. Intelligent Information System for diagnosing the technical condition of buildings. - Qualifying scientific work on the rights of the manuscript. The thesis for a scientific degree of the doctor of philosophy in specialty 126. "Information systems and technologies". - Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. - Kyiv, 2021. The main content of the thesis The thesis is devoted to the solution of an important scientific task of development of Intelligent Information System of diagnostics the technical condition of buildings. The theoretical and methodological basis of research are the principles of the Artificial Intelligence Theory, the Fuzzy Sets Theory, the Structures Theory, the Reliability Theory, the Theory of Reinforced Concrete, Expert Evaluation Methods, and Analytic Hierarchy Process. For the first time: - The methodology of construction and hierarchical structure of the organization of expert knowledge for fuzzy expert system of an estimation of a technical condition of building constructions of mass construction which includes information universality and possibility of expansion by means of ontological system analysis were developed; - Mathematical models for the formalization of expert data on the features of the technical condition of structures (to construct the membership function values of controlled parameters to linguistic estimates) were developed. - The analytical tools to increase the efficiency of Intelligent Information System for diagnosing the technical condition of buildings based on Artificial neural networks, which allowed to develop the information technology for monitoring and qualitative assessment of certain technical condition of building structures and buildings in general, to determine the system of organizational, technological and material decisions on further safe operation of buildings were proposed. The reliability of the research results is confirmed by the correct use of mathematical apparatus to build models and methods of their implementation, the results of effective experimental computer researches that confirm the efficiency of the proposed models and methods that determine qualitative assessments of Intelligent Information System for diagnosing the technical condition of buildings. Theoretical and practical significance of the work. The theoretical significance of the work is to develop a mathematical model to identify the category of technical condition of building structures (on the example of reinforced concrete elements, which are bent) on the fuzzy initial data of the survey. The developed mathematical model, based on the apparatus of Fuzzy Sets Theory, is universal and can be used to estimate other types of structures from different materials, taking into account their features. The practical significance is in the possibility of using the developed algorithms and programs to increase the efficiency, validity and reliability of the decision on the technical condition of the building structure we are evaluating. The results of the thesis were used in the educational process of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (reference from 20.09.2021 №213) in teaching the discipline "Methods of operations research" and in developing of methodological support of the educational process for specialty 126 "Information Systems and Technologies". Approbation of thesis results. The main results of scientific research have been repeatedly reported, discussed and received positive reviews at scientific conferences, in particular: I All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of young scientists, graduate students and students "BUD-MASTER-CLASS-2019" (Kyiv, 2019); scientific and technical conferences at the State Enterprise "Research Institute of Construction Production" of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine, topic: "Survey, assessment of the technical condition of complex safety of buildings and structures in modern conditions at the level of information technology", 2017, 2018, Kyiv, SE "NDIBV". 12 Keywords: artificial intelligence, building, expert system, diagnostics of technical condition, information intelligent system, fuzzy models and methods, structures.


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