Herasimenko O. Peculiarities of personal identity of females sentenced to imprisonment

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 19.00.05 - Соціальна психологія; психологія соціальної роботи


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ДФ 64.700.070

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs


The theoretical analysis and empirical research of the problem of personal identity of women sentenced to imprisonment have been carried out in the dissertation. The problem of resocialization of convicts is traditionally studied in legal psychology, it is a complex issue, which is determined by the social environment in which the punishment takes place, the specifics of interpersonal interactions in this environment, the psychological characteristics of the convict. Convicted women are a specific object of psychological research, as a result of serving their sentences they experience inevitable social stigma, disruption of important family ties, greater difficulties compared to men in restoring social functioning (job search, housing, etc.). The women with children and juveniles are the categories which are especially impacted. There are 1,592 women in prisons and 1,014 in remand prisons awaiting trial. These makes necessary the provision of an individual approach to women sentenced to imprisonment, preventing their return to a criminal lifestyle, the formation of socially favorable forms of behavior after release from prison.


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