Ljubka T. The genus Epipactis Zinn (Orchidaceae Juss.) in the flora of the Transcarpathian lowlands

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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Dissertation work is devoted to the study of the genus Epipactis Zinn. (Orchidaceae Juss.) in the flora of Transcarpathien lowland, analyzed the chorology, biology and ecological-phytocenological features of this genus, and identified the floristic novelty of the findings. As a result of identifield their own finds (2012 - 2018) int he Transcarpatian lowland, 4 species of the genus Epipactis which belong to the order Asparagales, subfamilies Epidendroideae and to the tribe Neottiae.The distribution of the species Epipactis albensis Nov?kov? & Rydlo ant the new species in flora of Ukraine Epipactis tallosii A.Moln?r & Robatsch in the Central part of Europe with the help of the Maxwent software has been studied.Among the species of E. tallosii we have found the first time, 18 other localities are also added to the flora of Ukraine for next species: Epipactis albensis Nov?kov? & Rydlo, Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz, Epipactis purpurata Sm.

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