Hermash K. Electromagnetic properties of electron-hole counterflow superconductors with the Dirac spectrum of charge carriers.

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 01.04.02 - Теоретична фізика


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Д 64.169.01

Institute for single crystals NASU


The thesis is dedicated to the theoretical study of electromagnetic properties of double layer graphene systems and heterostructures based on topological insulators with electron-hole pairing. It is established that the electron-hole pairing in the double layer graphene system leads to the complete (at zero temperature) or partial (at nonzero temperature) suppression of screening of the electrical field of a point charge. It is predicted the appearence of peaks in reflection and absorption of an electromagnetic wave at the frequency w=2D (2D is the gap in the quasiparticle spectrum). It is shown that the electron-hole pairing leads to splitting of the surface optical plasmon TM-mode in the double layer graphene system into two branches: a low-energy (weakly damped, w<2D) and high-energy (strongly damped, w>2D) ones. On the example of a double layer graphene system, it is found that the Anderson–Bogoliubov, Schmid and Carlson–Goldman collective modes can exist in the counterflow superconductor. It is revealed that electron-hole pairing causes a significant increase in the intensity of the third harmonic generation. The conditions of the appearing of the state with electron-hole pairing in heterostructures based on topological insulator in a magnetic field were determined and the temperature of transition of a gas of electron-hole pairs into the superfluid state was found.


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