Du X. The phenomenon of artistic integrity in chamber and vocal creativity (based on the works of D. Shostakovich, A. Schnittke, E. Denisov).

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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The Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music


The dissertation is devoted to the consideration of chamber-vocal creativity of the composers of the 20th century - D. Shostakovich, A. Schnittke, E. Denisov in the context of the artistic and aesthetic tendencies of the era. The phenomenon of artistic integrity in chamber-vocal music of 20th century composers is studied. The article considers the phenomenon of artistic integrity in chamber vocal music in a wide discourse circle of philosophical and art history research. It is proved that artistic integrity determines the ability of a work to concentrately reflect in its artistic compositional form and internal structure the laws of the existence and development of art as a whole. The interaction and interdependence of the musical and verbal levels in chamber vocal music as a factor of artistic integrity is traced, based on which the prerequisites and ways of studying the phenomenon of an artistic image in musical art are manifested. There are updated approaches to the study of the phenomenon of an artistic image in its interdependence with the problems of artistic and musical creativity. The appearance of an artistic image is a necessary condition for the existence of musical art, a factor in the objectivity of the results of artistic creation and a factor in ensuring music a role and place in a multilevel system of cultural values. The artistic image in a piece of music can serve as a criterion for the artistic truth and professional skill of the artist, endows this category with features of universality.


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