Kapliienko-Iliuk Y. Music Art of Bukovyna: Style Paradigms of Composer Art of the XIX–XXI centuries.

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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The Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music


The dissertation is devoted to the research of the process of formation and development of professional music in Bukovyna, which took place in the period of the XIX – XXI centuries. Characterizing the historical and cultural factors of the formation of the musical art of the region, it is mentioned in the paper that because of Bukovyna’s membership in various states and empires, a kind of a multinational environment was formed. This led to the emergence of a multicoloured and multilevel stylistic system of composer thinking, which combines features of culture of different ethnic groups. Musical creative work of Bukovynians represents a synthetic type of folk art, as the multinational environment is characterised by the activities of different ethnic groups, which led to emergence of multinational folclorismus. There has been confirmed the idea that the period of Austrian monarchy was important for the historical, economic, political and cultural development of Bukovyna. However, only in the second half of the XX century did the compositional potential grow and a galaxy of professional musicians from the Bukovynian region appeared. For a deeper understanding of the processes of cultural development of Bukovyna and identification of stylistic paradigms of compositional artistic work during the study there was considered a wide range of issues related to the problems of musical artistic work, creative process, style and polystylistics. There have been arranged the definitions of polystylistics and terminology, the classification of this category, which reveals the essence of the concepts «stylistic integration», «stylistic assimilation», «stylistic contamination», «stylistic correlation» has been represented.


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