Shubina N. Administrative and Legal Regulation of Police Care Performance

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 12.00.07 - Адміністративне право і процес; фінансове право; інформаційне право


Specialized Academic Board

Д 26.007.03

National Academy of Internal Affairs


The thesis reveals the issue of improving the administrative and legal regulation of police care. The thesis provides a theoretical generalization and a new solution to the scientific problem, which is to clarify the essence and specificities of administrative and legal regulation of police care, as well as the development of proposals and recommendations for improving the relevant legislation. The place of police care in the system of police actions is determined. The concept and specificities of police care as a preventive action of the police is defined. The issue of the observance of human and civil rights and freedoms during police care performance is described. The persons subject to police care are specified. The procedural implementation of police care is described. The procedure for the appeal against the actions and decisions of the police officer during police care performance.


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