Psiuk M. State Regulation of the Aerospace Industry in Terms of International Cooperation

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 25.00.02 - Механізми державного управління


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К 14.052.03

Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University


The research investigates the peculiarities of aerospace industry state regulation and international industrial cooperation. Considered organizational and economic aspects of the space industry state regulation. The thesis investigates the essence and interrelation of such categories as aerospace industry, space industry, space activity, space economy. It also specifies the essence of such categories as international cooperation, international aerospace industry. It gives a brief overview of international experience in the implementation of advanced scientific, theoretical and practical approaches to the mechanisms of aerospace industry state regulation. The thesis highlights the ways to optimize state institutions and specialized national space agencies in defining and shaping the priorities of public space policy in international cooperation. The study aims at improving the conceptual provision for the development of aerospace industry state regulation, which are based on the principle of combining market and state mechanisms of the industry state regulation to address strategic objectives of the industry to create and develop the internal market of space technologies, information and services, promote restoration and support the potential of space industry enterprises; promoting the development of new space companies in the private sector, the corporatization of enterprises in the space industry of Ukraine and the development of mechanisms of public-private partnership and venture investment, codification and comprehensive updating of space legislation of Ukraine. It proves the state regulation of investment support in the aerospace industry as one of the mandatory conditions of innovative development, such as coordination; organizational and legal; public-private partnership.


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