Yakushev D. Computational models of structures of building structures and structures under dynamic influences

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 05.23.01 - Будівельні конструкції, будівлі та споруди


Specialized Academic Board

Д 41.085.01

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture


The object of research – constructions of the operated mooring constructions and buildings of different function at static and dynamic influences; Theaim – creation of calculation models and methods for determining the bearing capacity of buildings and berths under dynamic influences;Methods– theoretical research was performed by numerical methods using software that implements MCE modeling.Experimental studies were performed using the developed set of recording equipment.Specialized and applied computer programs were used to process the results of theoretical, experimental laboratory and field research.Results –developed a method of rapid assessment of the technical condition of berths of the trestle type based on the results of dynamic tests.Algorithms for calculating berth structures for seismic impacts have been proposed. The calculation is performed by a linear spectral technique using software packages that implement finite element modeling (МСЕ); Introduced -in the educational process of Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in the training of specialists and masters, as well as in the practice of construction organizations. The results of research were used in the development of state building codesB.1.1-12-12-2014 "Construction in seismic areas of Ukraine" and B.2.1–10: 2018 “Foundations and foundations of buildings and structures”.


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