Lavryk V. The Instrumental System for the Analysis of the problems of the mechanics of elastomers

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 01.05.02 - Математичне моделювання та обчислювальні методи


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К 17.051.06

Zaporizhzhia National University


Recently, elastomeric and composite materials are increasingly used in mechanical engineering and construction. Numerical modeling of their stress-strain state is still an urgent problem. In the dissertation work the mathematical model of a design from weakly compressible materials which application allows to describe not only the problem, but also the scheme of its numerical calculation is offered. The problem-oriented OML language has been developed to describe mathematical models and schemes for numerical solutions of elastomer mechanics. A special software module has been created, which allows using a torque diagram of a finite element to perform numerical analysis of wide classes of problems in the mechanics of elastomers. A special type of tetrahedral finite element has been developed. A number of relevant problems have been calculated.


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