Shtuts A. Improvement of rolling stamping processes on the basis of modeling of the mechanics of forming blanks

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 05.03.05 - Процеси та машини обробки тиском


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Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University


Thesis for Candidate degree in degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.03.05 "Processes and machines for pressure treatment". – Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Vinnytsia. – Kremenchuk National University named after Mykhailo Ostrogradskyi, Kremenchuk, 2023. The candidate thesis is dedicated to the enhancement of technological processes through the implementation of computer modeling of forming mechanics for blanking stamping by rolling. In the context of modern industry, it is essential to improve the efficiency and accuracy of metal shaping processes. Currently, the improvement of blanking stamping by rolling processes based on the modeling of forming mechanics for blanks is gaining significant importance in the manufacturing and metalworking industry. Increased competition and the need for process optimization require cost reduction, improved quality, and accelerated production rates. Computer modeling of forming mechanics allows predicting the behavior of the material during the blanking stamping process and identifying potential issues such as deformations, cracks, or shape defects. This enables virtual testing of various process parameters, effectively reducing the need for prototypes and testing during the development stage. Actual scientific and technical tasks on improving the processes of stamping by rolling based on the modeling of the mechanics of forming blanks. Research is aimed at improving the efficiency of the production of blanks, including for details of complex profiles, namely, at improving the quality of products with the provision of a high coefficient of metal utilization, saving material, labor and financial resources. The main focus of the research lies in the development of a mathematical and computer model for forming mechanics during blanking stamping by rolling, along with a series of experimental setups. Specifically, the model takes into account the influence of process parameters such as blanking stamping speed, shapes and dimensions, metal flow, trimming, and burr formation at various stages of the blanking process. Utilizing the developed schemes, numerical experimental investigations are conducted, allowing for the analysis of various factor impacts on the process and the quality of blank formation. Experimental validation of the developed processes is achieved through conducting specialized experimental confirmations and comparing the obtained results. The research conclusions contribute to a deeper understanding of the relationship between process parameters and product quality. The credibility of the results is ensured through a comparison between experimental-analytical and numerical methods for assessing stress-strain states, considering established deformation patterns and damage accumulation in blanks, and comparing with experimental investigations and computer modeling. In summary, this candidate thesis has brought forth advanced research and methodologies for the enhancement of blanking stamping processes through the utilization of analytical, numerical, and experimental modeling. Key words: orbitne foging, improviny, computer modeling, mechanics, accumulated plastic deformation, forming, blanks, deformability of blanks, stress-strain state, experimental investigations.

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