Tsykhanovska I. Scientific substantiation of food products technology with polyphase structure using nanoparticles of iron oxides

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 05.18.16 - Технологія продуктів харчування


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Д 64.088.01


The thesis is devoted to the substantiation of the scientific foundations and the practical solutions development for using the functional and technological potential of the mineral origin nanoparticles in food products with a polyphase structure which will improve the consumer properties of the finished product. For this purpose, a work concept is proposed: the functional-technological potential formed during the production of the mineral origin nanoparticles, in particular iron oxides which is determined by the physicochemical parameters and colloidal properties is the basis for the improvement and development of high-tech food nanotechnologies adapted for the various production conditions (food industry enterprises, restaurant establishments, etc.), improving quality indicators, increasing the term of storage of food products and value added. The rational technological parameters of «Magnetofood» food additive production based on iron oxides, theoretically substantiated and experimentally confirmed determine the necessary physical-chemical parameters, quality and safety indicators of this additive. The technologies of bakery, confectionery, culinary products using «Magnetofood» food additive have been developed.

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