Ishchuk L. Salicaceae Mirbel. family: biology, adaptation potential, conservation and use in Ukraine

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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The theoretical and practical aspects of biology, ecology, сonservation and use of autochthonous and introduced species, as well as hybrids, varieties and cultivars of the Salicaceae family are presented in the paper. 23 autochthonous species of the genus Salix have been found out in Ukraine based on the analysis of herbarium specimens and expeditionary studies.The peculiarities of leaf micromorphostructure (ultrastructure type, morphometric parameters of anticlinal and periclinal cell walls, underlying cells form, types of stomata, trichomes and wax cells) were analyzed for the first time and made the basis for determining the diagnostical сaracteristics and ecological features of 4 species of Populus genera and 19 specie of Salix genera.The resistance the Salicaceae family plants to the Viscum album L. semi-parasite, fungal diseases and pest injury was analyzed.

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