Bondar-Pidhurska O. Methodology of management innovative factors of sustainable socially oriented economic development

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 08.00.03 - Економіка та управління національним господарством


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Д 11.151.01

Institute of Industrial Economics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Object of the study is the process of managing innovation factors in the context of sustainable socially oriented economic development. Objective of study is development of theoretical and conceptual foundations, methodological provisions and development of practical recommendations for managing innovative factors of sustainable socially oriented development of the Ukrainian economy. Methods of research are system analysis and synthesis, socio-economic analysis, ranking and peer review of sociological measurements, including questionnaires and surveys, econometric, direct calculations, structural-parametric optimization, simulation modeling. Theoretical and practical results: the concept of support and development of innovative activity in the context of sustainable satisfaction of vital interests of the population; methodological support of innovative development of industry and individual industrial enterprises, definition of perspective directions of activity of territorial communities. Novelty is operation and development of theoretical and methodological foundations, methodological provisions and practical recommendations for solving the problem of managing innovative factors of sustainable socially oriented development of the economy in order to realize an innovative model of economic growth and ensure a high standard of living. Degree of the introduction by Department of Innovation and Technology Transfer of MES of Ukraine, State Institute of Scientific and Technical and Innovative Expertise of MES of Ukraine, Department of Information Technologies of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, industrial enterprises, International Fund for Social Adaptation, Association of Cities and Territorial Communities of Drohobych Region. Sphere of use is administration body’s, territorial communities, industrial enterprises.

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