Knysh S. Administrative and Legal Relations within Health Care Sector in Ukraine.

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 12.00.07 - Адміністративне право і процес; фінансове право; інформаційне право


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Д 58.082.04

Ternopil National Economic University


The dissertation is focused on the comprehensive study of administrative and legal relations in the health care sector in Ukraine. The author has revealed the peculiarities of administrative and legal relations in the health care sector, which derive from the essence of managing activity of the state and correspond to the specialized policy of the state conducted in the said sphere. It has been revealed that administrative relations in the health care sector differ from all other relations by their content and purpose. It is connected with their power and authoritative character for ensuring the qualitative and effective functioning of the health care system, which has the impact on the completeness of everyone’s right to health care. According to certain criteria (volitional feature, composition, presence or absence of life circumstances, legal consequences) and taking into account the specifics of the health care sector, the author has characterized the legal facts existing in the theory of law. The system of social values, the elements of which are the health and life of each person, has been defined as prerequisites for the emergence of administrative and legal relations in the health care sector.


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