Polishchuk V. Theoretical and Experimental Justification of Technical and Technological System of Production and Use of Biofuels in Agriculture

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 05.05.11 - Машини і засоби механізації сільськогосподарського виробництва


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Д 26.004.06

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The dissertation is devoted to solving the scientific and applied problem of developing models and methods of technical and technological substantiation of the system of production and use of biofuels in agriculture. In order to solve the problem, the main methods and techniques of theoretical and experimental research, development of the model of processes that occur during the process of clearing biodiesel, methane fermentation and granulation of biomass are selected. A mathematical model of the system of aerosol washing of biodiesel has been developed, which allows us to determine the parameters of the flushing system by solving the system of differential equations. The scientific basis of the substantiation of requirements for the systems of preparation and dosing of raw materials in the biogas plant is developed, which includes the experimental determination of the maximum yield of biogas during periodic loading of the substrate, the development and use of a mathematical model of the functioning of the biogas plant for obtaining the dependences of the biogas output in a gradual mode of loading, and the justification by the method gradient descent of optimal dosing parameters of kosubstrates. The method of substantiation of technical and technological requirements to the system of substrate preparation by the development of a classifier of optimal amounts of raw materials is developed, which makes it possible to substantiate the design parameters of equipment for preparation and dosage of different types of kosubstrates. An improved mathematical model of the functioning of a biogas plant, in which, unlike the known models, losses of nutrients, which bacteria are processed in support of their own life and production of biogas, are taken into account, which makes it possible to take into account a greater number of factors when forecasting biogas output. The concept of development of rural areas with the introduction of a system of technologies, machines and equipment for the production and use of biofuels has been further developed, in which the biodiesel and starch production waste and processing milk are used for the production of biogas, for the production of fuel pellets and briquettes  agricultural waste that gives the opportunity to increase the profit of the economy and solve the problem of waste utilization.


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