Vlasenko T. Strategic change management in enterprise activity: theory, methodology, practice

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture


The dissertation is devoted to solving the scientific problem of developing and implementing the concept of strategic change management at the enterprise. The understanding of the "strategic changes" concept as the main subsystems reconfiguration of the enterprise activities and processes aimed at the enterprise functioning, as well as to creating growth potential with appropriate resource provision has been improved, where the purpose is a high level of the enterprise activity efficiency in response to environmental demands. The structure of strategic changes implementation in the subject area is identified by the organizational metaphors, which involves the choice of the nature of strategic changes implementation based on the interaction of metaphors and their matching with adjacent ones, which is the development basis of a portfolio of change projects. The concept of strategic change management at the enterprise is developed, which includes a number of provisions: the need to assess the environment impact, assess the structure and dynamics of the enterprise strategic potential, the industry life cycle analysis, development of a methodological basis for strategic change management, review of the subject area components in accordance with management practices metaphor, developing a methodological approach to determining the staff competence level to carry out strategic changes and justification of methodological support for the choice of tools to overcome resistance to change, determine the degree of enterprise change readiness, consideration of the intangible assets impact in the form of synthesized capital on the strategic change effectiveness, development and organizational support of the mechanism implementation of strategic change management. The methodological approach to the evaluation of direct and indirect environmental impact on the functioning of agricultural machinery enterprises is substantiated. Indirect impact involves the assessment of the environment as a whole and the structure of factors groups according to the criteria of dynamism, complexity, uncertainty, variability, predictability and force of influence, as well as interaction and activity. Direct impact assessment involves an analysis of the agricultural engineering industry, key trends in the agricultural sector and an assessment of stakeholder engagement. A methodological support for the external environment assessment of indirect impact on its individual factors, grouped as: economic, scientific and technological, socio-political, socio-demographic, institutional-legal and international has been developed, which provides ranking of the criteria and direct evaluation of individual criteria according to the developed scale, which allows to identify the most important triggers to justify the strategic change direction. The assessment of the environment as a whole was made on the basis of selected criteria. The market analysis of the agricultural machinery production has been carried out. The agricultural market of Ukraine is analyzed. The methodological support of interaction character estimation with the enterprise stakeholders is offered. The scientific interpretation of the enterprise strategic potential has been proposed as a combination of internal capabilities related to reserves of resources using, resources, dynamic capabilities and the personnel abilities in the enterprise capacity to remain competitive in the long run, which necessitates the creation of competitive advantages on its basis. The mechanism of enterprise strategic change management has been developed, which foresees transformation of an input on an output at realization of strategic changes by process presentation of the management decisions substantiation of changes introduction in the respective spheres of the subject branch according to the analysis results of the external environment influence taking into account the level of strategic potential. Management decision making involves choosing appropriate methods based on laws and principles, the implementation of which takes the form of implementing a portfolio of enterprise projects.


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