Nikolenko N. Faunistical characteristics and ecological structure of beetles of the superfamily Caraboidea in urbocenoses of Kharkiv

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 091 - Біологія. Біологія


Specialized Academic Board

ДФ 64.053.015

Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after H.S. Skovorody


Carabid complexes of Ukrainian cities are studied in a very fragmentary way. The data are mainly limited to faunal information on individual cities, and their ecological characteristics remain insufficiently studied, both in Kharkiv and other large cities of Ukraine. The Thesis presents the modern species composition of Coleoptera of the superfamily Caraboidea of Kharkiv urban coenoses. Their full qualitative and quantitative comparative characteristics are given. The main ecological groups, the spectrum of life forms, spatial structure, features of changes in the seasonal population dynamics, and a zoogeographic overview of this group is presented. For the first time, the most complete modern species composition of superfamily Caraboidea of urban coenoses of Kharkiv was established, of which two species were new for the northern subzone of the Steppe, and four species were not listed for Ukraine in the Palearctic beetle catalogs. For the first time, the features of biodiversity and complete qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Caraboidea of urban coenoses of Kharkiv and their comparison with agrocoenoses of Kharkiv Region are analyzed. For the first time, a comparative review of the diversity, ecological and faunal structures of carabids of different cities of Ukraine was carried out. The data of Caraboidea ecological characteristics by biotopes, hygropreference, trophic specialization, and soil composition are significantly expanded. For the first time a study of seasonal changes in taxonomic composition, indices of diversity, and dynamics of the carabid abundance in the conditions of urban coenoses was carried out and the features of these insects’ spatial distribution were analyzed. For the first time, the review of the zoogeographical structure of Caraboidea of Kharkiv and other megacities of Ukraine is presented.


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