Nedzheria T. The sanitary and hygienic substantiation for the use of complex disinfectants for veterinary sanitation

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 212 - Ветеринарна медицина. Ветеринарна гігієна, санітарія і експертиза


Specialized Academic Board

ДФ 55.859.017

Sumy National Agrarian University


A new solution to the scientific problem of developing and substantiating the use of a new «Kontavir» disinfectant is given and proposed in the dissertation research. For the first time, the optimal concentrations of working solutions were experimentally established, the efficiency of its use was proved, the necessary exposures for disinfection and disinvasion of livestock houses to veterinary and sanitary supervision were determined, the economic efficiency of «Kontavir» disinfectant was calculated to reduce import dependence. For the first time a new combined disinfectant «Kontavir» was tested in the production conditions of livestock premises. The disinfecting properties are determined, the effective, influence and the quality are established. It has been experimentally established that this complex agent has bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal and disinvasive action. The method of preparation of solutions, scheme and technology of use in production are experimentally developed. The economic efficiency and expediency of using the complex disinfectant «Kontavir» for the purpose of sanitation of veterinary facilities, in particular, wet disinfection by refrigerators in markets, livestock farms and rabbit farms have been proved. After using the disinfectant, the hygienic conditions of the animals got better, and as a result, their productivity increased. According to the research results, leaflets-tabs on use and other normative documentation for registration dossiers were developed, which allowed to carry out official registration and to introduce disinfectant «Kontavir» into serial production in PE «Kronos Agro».


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