Halai O. Research of efficiency of high-productive milking installations used under the condition of innovative technologies

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 204 - Аграрні науки та продовольство. Технологія виробництва і переробки продукції тваринництва


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Mykolayiv National Agrarian University


The purpose of the dissertation was to substantiate the effectiveness of the use of high-performance milking machines such as «Parallel» and «Merry-go-round» under conditions of innovative technologies. Scientific and economic experiments on the topic of work were conducted during 2017-2020 on the basis of «Terezine» DLC and «Ostriykivske» LLC in Bila Tserkva district of Kyiv region. The analytical review of achievements in milk production technology allowed substantiating the main principles of resource-saving technologies of its production, in particular, providing comfortable conditions for keeping highly productive animals by creating new dimensional planning and technological solutions for livestock facilities, the new standard of the premises for cows keeping has been proposed, parameters of which are distinctly different from the traditional ones in existing projects. The premises have a width of 32.5 m against 24 m, a height of 10.5 m against 5.0. It is equipped with side curtains and light-aeration ridge, which has positively affected the conditions of high-yielding cows keeping. The systems of cows' keeping, feeding and watering have been changed in the cowshed of the new type. Therefore, at the first stage of research the conditions of highly productive cows keeping in premises with new volume-spatial planning and technological solutions were studied. It has been established that different intensity of realization of a milk yield reflex at the investigated installations is caused by various technology of preparation of cows for milking. Thus, on the «Merry- go –round» type installation there is no basic element of preparation - it is washing the udder with warm water at a temperature of 40-45 ° С, in accordance with the «Rules of cows machine milking». Sanitary treatment of the udder is carried out with wet wipes, and the total preparation time is only 17.4 s against 43.5 s at the installation of «Parallel» type, and the time from the beginning of cow preparation to the connection of the milking machine is 22.5 s and 65 s, respectively. This period of preparation of the cow for milking at the installation of «Merry-go-round» type is clearly not enough for the full realization of the milk-giving reflex of cows, which according to physiological standards should be 40-69 s. It has been found that the technology of preparing cows for milking at the installation of «Merry-go-round» type fully depends on the operator’s qualification and his attitude to this work and it is not regulated by the design of the installation and milking technology at it. Investigations of the assessment of the different terms of preparing cows for milking at the installation of the «Merry-go-round» type confirmed the results obtained in the comparative assessment of the implementation of the milk reflex at milking units such as «Parallel» and «Merry-go-round». At 40… 60 s of preparing cows at the «Merry-go-round» installation the maximum intensity comes at the first minute of milking and is at the level of 2, 98 kg / min, while at the term of preparation of 10-35 s it is at the level of 1, 93 kg / min. It has been established that the technology of cows’ preparing for milking at the «Merry-go-round» type installation needs improvement. A patent has been prepared for resolving this problem. The main indicators of milk quality and safety are the number of somatic cells, which were determined by the electrical conductivity of milk. It was found that the milk obtained using a milking machine of the «Merry-go-round» type has a higher electrical conductivity at the level of 6.41 kgS / cm compared to the normative value (4.6 kgS / cm), which is because of the higher level of mastitis in cows. The ability for making cheese from the milk obtained using the «Parallel» milking parlor is also higher than that of the «Merry-go-round» type milking parlor, but the milk obtained at these milking parlors belongs to the class desired for cheese-making. Innovative production technologies using high-productive milking machines such as «Carousel» and «Parallel» provide the implementation of high productive of animals at the level 9539-12229 kilo of milk for lactation high quality So selling price of milk on the basis of Terezine DLC and Ostriykivske LLC is 10,16-10,79 UAH Using of innovative productive technologies provide a reduction of milk reduction of labor costs for the production of 1 quintal of milk up to 1.2 - 2.15 man-hours, which corresponds to the European level. Key words: innovative technologies, milking parlors, milking process, milk yield, milk quality, mastitis incidences, cow productivity.


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