Terekhova A. District administrative courts in the system of subjects of administrative law

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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ДФ 55.051.041

Sumy State University


The dissertation is devoted to determining the place of district administrative courts in the system of subjects of administrative law, as well as justification of proposals for improving their administrative and legal status. The historical and legal aspects of formation and development of district administrative courts on the territory of Ukraine were further developed in the scientific work, in particular, the following periods have been singled out: 1st period – stay of Ukrainian lands in other states and awareness of the need to create subject; 2nd period (from 1917 on the Ukrainian lands, which were part of the Russian Empire, and 1918 on the lands that were in the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1920) – the implementation of the idea of creating independent administrative courts; 3rd period (from 1920 to August 24, 1991) - the formation of administrative courts during the Soviet era; 4th period (from August 24, 1991 to the present) – the development of the system of administrative courts since the independence of Ukraine.


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