Gruіeva O. The modern forms of political actionism: analysis of political science component.

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 23.00.02 - Політичні інститути та процеси


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Д 41.053.06


Object - formation and evolution of modern forms of political action; purpose - conceptualization of new forms of political action (political performance, gepening, installation, flash mob (political mob), street art and body art); novelty -defined political activism as a system of artistically expressed forms of political protest, public discussion and debate in which theatricalization, play component, entertainment, dynamism, etc. are manifested; a set of spectacular forms of political participation, usually of protest and provocative (sometimes asocial) nature with the challenge of the existing political order; results - can be used in the educational process, in the preparation of lectures, textbooks, manuals on political science, political technologies; in the practical activity of political subjects, in particular the choice of the optimal form of communication of political ideas.

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