Yukhta O. Credit mechanism of supporting exporters - small and medium-sized firm

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 08.00.08 - Гроші, фінанси і кредит


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Д 26.239.02

Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The object of study: the aggregate of monetary relations associated with exporting credit. Aim of the study: to deepen the theoretical foundations of using credit instruments to support exporters and to develop practical recommendations for improving lending to SME exporters in Ukraine. Research methods: dialectical, systemic, historical and logical - for the research of the conceptual and categorical apparatus; graphical-analytical - for visualization of the studied socio-economic phenomena (indicators of lending, performance of small and medium-sized businesses, current export status, etc.); abstracting and generalizing - in studying the world experience of building an export support system and using credit instruments, formulating conclusions and recommendations; analysis and synthesis - when justifying proposals to support exporters through ESA. The scientific novelty of the obtained results is to deepen the theoretical principles of exporter crediting and to substantiate practical recommendations for improving the crediting of exporters - small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine. For the first time, a conceptual scheme for organizing exporter support on a two-tier basis (national and regional level) has been developed, based on the key functional role of the coordinating institution (ECA). There were improved the following: scientific and practical approach to the choice of credit instruments to support exporters; methodical approach to the production of statistics on the export activity of enterprises; scientific and methodological approaches to defining short and medium-term goals in the formulation of a national export strategy; methodical approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the exporter support system. The following items have been developed: practical recommendations on the formation of functional competences of the ECA; practical recommendations for improving lending to exporters - small and medium-sized businesses; approaches to segmentation of the SME banking market in Ukraine. Separate results of the dissertation research are used to increase the efficiency of lending to SME exporters: JSC Oschadbank (reference № 115897 dated June 10, 2019), PJSC Joint Stock Bank Pivdennyi (reference № 0193-33688 dated June 15, 2018), Department of Economics and the development of the Cherkasy City Council (reference № 174 of 06/21/2018). Scope (industry) of use: lending to exporters - small and medium-sized businesses.


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