Badiuk S. Development of methods of calculation of technological parameters of production of high-quality rolled metal at casting-rolling complexes

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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К 08.231.01

Iron and Steel Institute of Z.I.Nekrasov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Technology of production of hot-rolled strip and rolled bars and rods from continuous casting billet on casting-rolling complexes. Regularities of temperature and energy-power parameters of hot-rolled steel in casting-rolling complexes and the quality of rolling produced in them. Mathematical modeling of the processes of deformation and formation of quality indicators of rolling product, as well as statistical methods of processing the results of experimental studies using special computer programs. The method of calculating the flow tension during hot steel deformation has been improved and the dependence for calculating the flow tension of continuous cast metal has been obtained. For the first time, the regularities of the influence of the cross-section size and the chemical composition of the continuous billet steel on the values of the drawing coefficients, which provide stabilization of the mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel, have been established. For the first time the dependence of the influence of the drawing coefficient on the parameters of central porosity and segregation during hot rolling of continuous casting billet has been established. The method of determining the working speeds and productivity of a continuous casting machine and rolling mill combined into a casting-rolling complex has been improved. For the first time, a method for determining rational schemes for the production of hot-rolled rolling from continuous casting billets in casting-rolling complexes has been developed. Implemented. Metallurgy.


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