Azarova T. Value-bazed Aproach to Economic Security Management of Construction Industry Enterprises

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 21.04.02 - Економічна безпека суб'єктів господарської діяльності


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Д 64.089.01

O.M.Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv


The dissertation is devoted to topical problems of improvement of theoretical, methodical and practical aspects of economic security management of construction industry enterprises, analysis of approaches to determination of economic category "economic security of enterprise", general problems of value-bazed approach implementation to management of construction industry enterprises activity. The paper proposes an approach to managing the economic security of an enterprise, which builds and integrates the concept of expectations-based management (EBM) and the concept of value-based management (VBM), which is a system for determining and managing enterprise value, and is intended to identify and compare the expected (reasonable projected) indicators of cost factors (components of economic security) with the actual achieved, which provides consistent management of the enterprise economic security on the basis of markets of the economy. The model of management of economic security of the enterprise is constructed, which consists of a complex of economic-mathematical models of separate components of economic security and the calculation model, on the basis of which the integral index of economic security is determined. The main features are identified and the classification of threats to the economic security of the enterprise is improved, the value-oriented approach to the management and neutralization of threats is formed, the functions and tasks of the enterprise economic security servce are formed. An algorithm for implementation of value-based economic security management has been developed. Accounting and analytical support for the calculation of the integral index and components of economic security has been developed. A system of technical and economic measures aimed at increasing the enterprise value has been developed. Economic and mathematical models are formed by stepwise regression analysis based on the Stepwise Variable Selection module of the Statistics Plus V5.1 International Professional special statistical package. The results of the proposed value-based methodological approach implementation to economic security management of construction industry enterprises confirm its practical value and allow to purposefully regulate the level of economic security of the enterprise, by timely adoption of the necessary management decisions, which contribute to the direction of interests of owners, investors and other groups of interested persons on the growth of the construction enterprise's cost.


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