Koval R. Terms of physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine in French and Ukrainian.

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 10.02.17 - Порівняльно-історичне і типологічне мовознавство


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К 35.051.15

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


The etymological, lexical-semantic, structural and functional features of the term system of rehabilitation in the French and Ukrainian languages are the objects of the research. The definition of the notion term of rehabilitation is proposed. It has been established that term system of rehabilitation covers the terms of medical and socio-psychological rehabilitation, physical therapy and ergotherapy (occupational therapy), which relate to four groups: defects, disorders and diseases; tests, scales and classifications; means and methods of rehabilitation and functional recovery; the name of the specialists. These groups consist of one-component terms, complex terms, terminological phrases and abbreviations. The most productive ways of creating terms are suffixation, basic word-formation, the use of terminological phrases and abbreviations. In the French term system of rehabilitation abbreviations are widely used. Both languages have English borrowings and eponyms. The emergence of neologisms is due to the active use of communication and information technologies in the processes of rehabilitation. Synonymy of the terms of rehabilitation is determined by the parallel use of abbreviations and full forms, eponyms, toponyms, borrowings, colloquial and dialectic terms, homonyms and metaphors. Optimal methods of translating rehabilitation terms from French into Ukrainian are descriptive (explication) method, loan translation (calque), transliteration and transcription, and from Ukrainian into French – descriptive (explication) and loan translation (calque).


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