Gusteltv O. The flexible pavement of increased durability with transverse cracks in the asphalt pavement

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 05.22.11 - Автомобільні шляхи та аеродроми


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Д 26.059.02

National Transport University


The dissertation deals with the state of the question of ensuring the asphalt layers durability of flexible pavement -with transverse temperature cracks, analyzes the peculiarities of operation of road clothing with transverse cracks in the asphalt concrete durability of cross-section cracks in asphalt pavement as well as purpose and rear research. The theoretical aspects of asphalt layers durability of flexible pavement with transverse cracks are presented. The basic calculation schemes of the work of asphalt concrete coating before and after the formation of transverse temperature cracks are considered. A method for evaluating the effectiveness of sealing materials in the repair of asphalt concrete with transverse cracks has been developed. The complex influence of transport loads and temperature fluctuations on the tensile-deformed condition of road construction with asphalt-concrete pavement having transverse cracks using the finite element method has been investigated. Experimental studies of the durability of road clothing with transverse cracks in the asphalt pavement were conducted, which consisted of conducting field inspections, laboratory tests and a numerical experiment. Practical recommendations on complex increase of durability of asphalt pavement roads having transverse cracks, depending on the category of road and the nature of the destruction; assessing the nature of cracking and justifying the choice of technology and mechanisms for restoring the bearing capacity of roadwear construction; restoration of solidity of asphalt concrete covering of non-rigid road clothing after formation of temperature cracks.


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