Arsirii R. Information and Legal Support of Administrative Courts in Ukraine

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 12.00.07 - Адміністративне право і процес; фінансове право; інформаційне право


Specialized Academic Board

К 26.503.01

Research Institute of Public Law


The dissertation presents a new solution to the scientific problem of information and legal support of the activity of administrative courts in Ukraine. The components of the content of information and legal support of the activity of administrative courts in Ukraine are revealed. It is concluded that the Unified Information Technical System (EITS) is a key instrument of information and legal support of administrative courts in the activities of special public administration and judges of administrative courts. Its legal nature is that it is a technical system, the use of which does not directly lead to the occurrence of legal facts - the decision of judges or administrative courts, it in many cases increases the efficiency of their activities. It is noted that the introduction of new information technologies into the administrative judiciary of Ukraine is a continuous process of informing and technologicalization of administrative courts in Ukraine, connected with the worldwide intensive development of society and the use of all modern digital technologies for fair, accelerated implementation of justice and the protection of rights and freedoms interests of the citizens of our country.


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