Orlenko S. Dynamics of three-layer shells of rotation with a discrete inhomogeneous placeholder

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 01.02.04 - Механіка деформівного твердого тіла


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Д 26.166.01

Institute of Mechanics. S.P. Tymoshenko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The dissertation is devoted to research of dynamic behavior of asymmetric three - layer covers of rotation with inhomogeneous filler at nonstationary loadings. The model of shells and rods SP was used for their research. Tymoshenko in adopting independent kinematic and static hypotheses for each layer. On the basis of the Hamilton-Ostrogradsky variational principle, the equations of oscillations and the corresponding natural limit and initial conditions of asymmetric shells of rotation are derived, taking into account the discrete-symmetric light, edge-reinforced aggregate. Improved finite-difference algorithms and a sketch-element method are used to solve the problems. Unsolved problems of axisymmetric oscillations of asymmetric three-layer shells of rotation under different boundary conditions and types of impulse loads. The influence of light aggregate on the nature of oscillations is revealed. A method for calculating the spherical part of the fairing when exposed to a flat blast wave has been developed. The analysis of mechanical effects in the propagation of perturbations in a hemispherical asymmetric three-layer shell with a discrete-symmetric light, reinforced with ribs, aggregate under the action of a concentrated impact on its top. Such results are of fundamental importance when calculating the structural strength of the studied objects.


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