Briatko A. National economy sustainable development implementation in context of the global financial and economic instability.

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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Odessa II Mechnikov National University


The dissertation provides a theoretical generalization and offers a solution to the important scientific and applied problem, which consists in development of conceptual, theoretical, methodological and practical recommendations for sustainable development of the national economy in the context of global financial and economic instability. The obtained scientific results will help to increase the effectiveness of anti-crisis policy and to develop the model of national economy sustainable growth. Theoretical and methodological approaches to ensuring national economy sustainable development in the context of confronting external challenges on the basis of state regulation of the economy in conditions of external instability, which provides the system of state measures to support, compensate and regulate activities aimed to create proper market conditions and to solve complex of socio-economic problems of national economy development, are substantiated. Methodical approaches to the analysis and modeling of the national economy development indicators, which provides a comprehensive study of the static and dynamic indicators impact, external and internal factors of economic development, which will provide instrumental support for assessing the development of open economy in global financial and economic instability are developed. Based on the analysis and modeling of the national economy stability, the main factors that determined the depth of the country's invasion during the global financial and economic crisis were identified. The model of national economy anti-crisis management in the context of global financial and economic instability as a legally regulated, purposeful impact on relations among economic entities, socio-economic processes, proportions of economic development to build the potential to resist internal instability as a result of external disbalances to restore macroeconomic and financial stability has been developed. The main directions of national economy development in the conditions of world financial and economic instability on the basis of models of catching up development and social consensus are formulated.


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