Romanenko Y. Phytochemical study of Leonurus cardiaca extracts for creating new medicines

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 15.00.02 - Фармацевтична хімія та фармакогнозія


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Д 64.605.01

National University of Pharmacy


The dissertation presents a complex phytochemical study of the modified dry Leonurus cardiaca extracts and raw materials (herbs, tinctures) for creating new potential standardized medicines with psychotropic activity. Methods for obtaining modified dry extracts based on Leonurus cardiaca tincture using 12 amino acids (lysine, aspartic and glutamic acid, leucine, alanine, phenylalanine, glycine, valine, histidine, arginine, cysteine and methionine) have been developed. In the obtained dry modified extracts 15 substances of phenolic nature were found, 8 of which were identified and their quantitative content was determined: 10 phenolic and hydroxycinnamic acids, 3 of which were identified (chlorogenic, caffeic and rosemary acids). Among flavonoids, catechin, hyperoside and rutin have been identified. Significant content of ellagic, caffeic and chlorogenic acids was determined in the extracts. Studies of the effect of Leonurus cardiaca extracts on behavioural responses have shown that the most effective ones with anxiolytic activuty are extracts modified with lysine, glycine, alanine, valine, phenylalanine and arginine. The extract with phenylalanine showed pronounced diuretic activity. DMF projects have been developed. The study of the dry extracts of Leonurus cardiaca herb have been carried out in accordance with their requirements


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