Makovyshyn V. Оbtaining, Surface Morphology and Thermoelectric Properties of Thin Films Based on LAST and Tin Telluride.

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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Kolomyia Educational-Scientific Institute The Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University


Complex experimental investigations and theoretical calculations allowed analyzing the surface morphology, the influence of method of obtaining of thin films on the base of LAST and SnTe on thickness properties of their thermoelectrical parameters. Based on the study of the dependence of the specific electrical conductivity on the thickness, it was found that in films on mica substrates the diffuse-mirror scattering mechanism of current carriers is realized, and in films on sieve substrates the scattering mechanism of current carriers is completely diffuse . In addition, the studied samples have a fairly high values of the Seebeck coefficient, due to the low specific conductivity up to. One should also pay attention to the thickness dependence of the thermoelectric power, which shows a clear maximum at a thickness of about 320-400 nm. The increase in thermoelectric quality factor is associated with an improvement in the structural perfection of the films, which leads to a decrease in the scattering effect at the grain boundaries and a significant increase in the specific conductivity. The dependence of the electrical conductivity, mobility of charge carriers and specific thermoelectric power on the temperature and thickness of the films compounds has been studied. High values of thermoelectric parameters of the investigated vapor-phase condensates of the tin telluride were obtained in comparison with volume samples. Thus, in particular, the Seebeck coefficient reaches values, and the specific thermoelectric power. The latter makes them a promising material for thermoelectric micromodules to create p-branches.


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