Burlakov V. Electrophysical properties of thin-film structures ferromagnet–dielectric–ferromagnet for migration of electrically conductive impurities

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 01.04.18 - Фізика і хімія поверхні


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Д 26.168.02

Institute of Metal Physics. G.V. Kurdyumov of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


As part of the work, a negative differential resistance was obtained for the first time in the study of the electrical properties of the Fe / MgO / (Fe + C), Fe / MgO / Ni and Fe / MgO / Co systems. This result can be achieved by ensuring the inhomogeneity of the dielectric thickness in the manufacturing of samples and the choice of different types of metals as the upper and lower layers of the studied heterostructure. It has been experimentally established that the current flowing through the obtained contact of the Fe / MgO / (Fe + C) system stimulates the processes of carbon electromigration in iron. It is established that the faster the current increases, the lower the voltage at which there is a region of negative differential resistance. Prolonged exposure of the sample of the Fe / MgO / Fe system to the atmosphere at room temperature leads to the rectifying properties characteristic.


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