Lytvyn M. State principles of the pension mechanism in Ukraine (experience of OECD countries).

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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The dissertation is devoted to the study of the state principles of the pension provision mechanism in Ukraine with the study of the experience of the OECD countries. Definitely research of ways of adaptation of financial mechanisms of the pension system of Ukraine to the standards of OECD countries. In the dissertation the theoretical foundations of financing of pension systems are revealed, the financial mechanism and management of financial resources of the pension system are investigated, the modern models of financing of pension systems are analyzed. The evolution of the financial mechanisms of pension provision in the OECD countries is analyzed, and the main stages of pension system reform are examined. The financial problems of the development of the pension system in Ukraine are investigated, the prerequisites for the formation of the modern pension system in Ukraine are analyzed, the main approaches to the adaptation and formation of the financial mechanism of the pension provision in Ukraine are determined. The mechanisms of adaptation of the solidarity pension system and the prospects of its development in Ukraine are proposed. The peculiarities and indicators of activity of non-state pension funds of Ukraine are revealed and recommendations are given on the main directions of pension reform in Ukraine. The scientific novelty of the initial results of the dissertation research is to summarize theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of pension systems, to deepen the conceptual foundations of the evolution of the financial mechanisms of pension systems from the standpoint of a systematic approach, to substantiate the most effective methods and tools for managing the financial resources of the Ukrainian pension system. As a result of the research, the author defines the concept of the financial mechanism of the pension system as a system of financial relations management, systemizes and typifies reforms of the pension systems. It is found that the problems of financing the pension systems necessitate changes in the organizational models of the pension systems.


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