Sorina O. Sustainable development strategy of machine-building enterprises

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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The research has clarified the meanings of the categories of «enterprise development», «sustainable enterprise development», «strategy of sustainable enterprise development»; considered the differences between the «classical» version of the development strategy and the strategy based on the sustainable development concept; characterized the principles and conditions and concretized the content of the mechanism for ensuring the sustainable enterprise development. Based on studying the development trends of the machine-building industry, the thesis identifies and orders the factors of the external environment influencing the enterprise development opportunities; determines the elemental composition and content of a balanced system of a machine-building enterprise indicators, supplemented by the blocks of «Innovation and investment development», «Resources and environmental development» and «Social responsibility»; suggests a sequence of stages for developing a sustainable development strategy; on the basis of the analysis, formulates strategic alternatives for the machine-building enterprises development in Ukraine. The elemental composition of the mechanism for implementing the sustainable development strategy of a machine-building enterprise has been supplemented, and a methodological approach to assessing the effectiveness of a development strategy has been proposed. The latter takes into account three areas of analysis: the effectiveness of implementing individual strategic projects, the degree of achieving the company’s strategic goals, and the degree of the results’ correspondence to the stakeholders’ interests.


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