Shchurevych L. Innowacyjne mechanizmy polityki agrarnej Ukrainy w kontekście integracji europejskiej

Українська версія

Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 25.00.02 - Механізми державного управління


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К 14.052.03

Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University


In the dissertation the theoretical generalization is made and the new decision of an actual problem in the field of science "Public administration" concerning theoretical and practical substantiation of introduction in modern administrative and regulatory activity of the state in agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine of innovative mechanisms of realization of the state agrarian policy in the conditions of intensification of European integration processes. The paper reveals scientific approaches to the formation and implementation of state agricultural policy and the principles of its implementation. The essence of innovative mechanisms of the state agrarian policy is defined, the experience of introduction of innovative mechanisms in practice of realization of agrarian policy in the European Union on an example of the Common agrarian policy is analyzed. The author thoroughly investigates the institutional support for the development of state agricultural policy in Ukraine and describes the current state of its implementation. The peculiarities of the development of the researched policy in Ukraine in the context of the implementation of the standards of the European Union are revealed. Approaches to the application of the tool of information-analytical support of synchronization of agricultural policies of Ukraine and the European Union by qualitatively different from already known measures are determined. The newest approaches for Ukrainian public administration practice on modernization of program-targeted support of agricultural sector development in the conditions of European integration processes are determined. Approaches to the modernization of program-targeted support for the development of the agricultural sector in the context of European integration processes have been improved for Ukrainian public administration practice, including: creation and implementation of the National Program for the Development of Farmers' Cooperation; adaptation of the structure of Ukrainian target programs of rural development within the framework of regional development programs to the standards of implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union; creation on the basis of experience of the countries of the European Union of the National target program of support of farming; implementation of state targeted programs of financial support for the creation of local wholesale markets. The author proved the need to form a mechanism of state anti-crisis management of the agricultural sector in an open market with the European Union, by applying different from existing approaches and tools. The author's vision of innovative mechanisms of state agricultural policy implementation is formed, which is substantiated not as a separate artificially created management mechanism, but as a set of new mechanisms integrated into the structure of other mechanisms, not previously implemented in state policy, including borrowed from foreign experience, methods and tools. managerial and regulatory influence of the state on the agricultural sector of the national economy in the context of the implementation of reform programs that allow to create sustainable competitive advantages of products of national producers of agro-industrial goods in domestic and foreign markets.


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