Beskupska O. Management of ecological and economic activity of enterprises of oil and fat industry

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 08.00.04 - Економіка та управління підприємствами (за видами економічної діяльності)


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Д 05.854.03

Vinnitsa National Agrarian University


The paper systematizes theoretical approaches to the interpretation of the concept of ecological and economic activity in the context of transformations to increase the efficiency of production and foreign economic activity of oil and fat industry enterprises. It has been proven that economic, social, technological and biological processes in the environment are closely linked and interdependent. The goals of sustainable development in agriculture, especially in the oil and fat industry, can be considered as one of the methods of achieving prosperity for our country. Economic development can be achieved by introducing export duties on certain crops, increasing domestic processing, attracting more investments. These factors will certainly help businesses make more profit, produce and export more goods.


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