Mehovych A. Scientific-methodical and applied principles of development regional health and medical tourist destinations

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Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences (CSc)

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  • 08.00.05 - Розвиток продуктивних сил і регіональна економіка


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Д 41.088.05

Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies


The dissertation is devoted to substantiation of scientific - methodical and applied bases of development of regional health - medical tourist destinations in the conditions of crisis and the challenges caused by distribution of a coronavirus infection of COVID 2019. The basis of the author's concept and models of development of regional health and medical tourist destinations is the idea of large-scale losses of the tourism industry due to the spread of infectious diseases of the world and the urgent need to establish the physical condition of people of all ages. It is proved that the question of the mechanism of creation of health-improving tourist routes taking into account recreational conditions of tourist destinations, which were created for decades, is relevant. The analysis confirmed that, in one tourist destination there can be not one and not two different health routes connected to the same medical establishments. Moreover, health routes should be differentiated taking into account the physical condition of tourists and real medical indications regarding their physical activity. That is, we are talking about the creation of a special regional structure based on public-private partnership - the Department of Health and Medical Tourism of a regional tourist destination. (RTD). Its function should include the examination of regional routes for different categories of tourists. It is substantiated that the organization of such work is most expedient to carry out within the cluster regional policy.


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