Yehorchenkov V. Scientific bases of formation of comfortable environment in buildings according to dynamic parameters of natural lighting

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 05.23.03 - Вентиляція, освітлення та теплогазопостачання


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Д 26.056.07

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture


The thesis is devoted to solving of the scientific problem of increasing the comfort of environment and energy efficiency of buildings on the basis of geometric modelling of dynamic parameters of the light field using the mathematical apparatus of the point calculation. Point equations for enclosing structures in the form of a number of flat shapes with straight and curvilinear boundaries, as well as surfaces of general position are obtained. It is proposed to estimate lighting systems using the exposure of illumination, which combines the level of the light value and the time of its operation. The principles of modeling the parameters of a light field in premises on the basis of a point calculation are created. A method for determining the comfortable values of parameters in a theoretical way is developed. For forming the radiation regime in premises, a method for calculation of solar heat gain for non-standard solutions of translucent enclosures is developed. In this study, it is shown how the point calculation can be used effectively for the formation of the termoradiation regime of the premises during radiant heating. The method for calculating energy consumption of buildings with natural lighting system at different orientations of light transitions on the sides of the horizon and their positions in space is improved.


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