Khmelovskyi V. Scientific and Technical Support of Intensification of Preparation and Distribution of Feed for Horned Livestock

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 05.05.11 - Машини і засоби механізації сільськогосподарського виробництва


Specialized Academic Board

Д 26.004.06

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The dissertation is devoted to the intensification of the preparation and distribution of feed for cattle and technical support for the mechanization of feeding animals depending on livestock. The technology of harvesting of coarse fodders with the use of press collectors with the possibility of shredding and preparation of feed mixes is substantiated. The method of determination of the most rational set of machines and equipment for preparation and distribution of feed for cattle, taking into account the coefficient of quality of a forage mixture, is developed. The analytical researches of technical provision at feeding animals on the displaced schedule are presented and the probability of the process is substantiated. It has been established that in order to ensure the mechanization of cattle feeding, it is expedient to use mobile combined feed preparation units. The priority of feeding feed to portions of feed preparation machines is grounded taking into account physical and mechanical characteristics of feed components and technological features of preparation of feed mixture. It is proved that feed preparation units with vertical placement of screw-knife working organ provide qualitative grinding of forages, forming acute surfaces for stimulation of scar tissue, and also high uniformity of mixing (87–93 %) for 6–12 minutes. The rational design of the rotor, in the form of a two-way cone screw, established from a wide base to the bottom, is substantiated, which allows to intensify the technological process of the feed preparation unit. Mathematical models are obtained that reflect the dependence of energy and qualitative parameters of the feed preparation process on the main parameters of the feed preparation unit. The implementation of research results will increase the efficiency of the machine and reduce the specific energy consumption of the feed production process by 1.3–1.4 times, with the content of feed particles of a given size will increase from 85 to 89 %, and the uniformity of mixing will increase from 87 to 91 %. The savings from the proposed machine technology and improvements to the feed preparation unit will be 2.67–3.44 kWh/t.


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