Somych N. Integrated legal and organizational security management systems for agrarian business entities

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc)

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  • 08.00.04 - Економіка та управління підприємствами (за видами економічної діяльності)


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Д 64.832.02

Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture


In the dissertation the integrated system of management of organizational and legal security of subjects of agrarian production is grounded on the basis of the determined determinants of the concept of strategic development, introduction of methodological bases of diagnostics and identification of potential sources of threats with the subsequent modeling of effective mechanism of functioning on the basis of enterprise tools. For the first time methodological foundations of diagnostics of the activity of agricultural business entities have been developed in the presence of potential sources of threats to organizational and legal security, based on the separation of organizational and legal components, and their decomposition into separate spheres, based on a qualitative model of assessment of the course of processes regarding the possibility of threats occurrence. in each sphere and the importance of these spheres, which is the basis of substantiation of directions of management of organizational and legal security. The concept of building an integrated system for managing the organizational and legal security of an enterprise is substantiated, the determinants of which are based on an integrated block with defined strategic tasks and separate strategies, and which includes an organizational and legal block and is formed with the purpose of creating a hierarchical equilibrium between the sub-equilibrium between subsystems threats to ensure systems of socially responsible behavior and an appropriate legal policy to mitigate risks and threats With a view to respond to changes in the strategic range in order to create an effective mechanism of management. Models of functioning of integrated systems of management of organizational and legal security using modern tools of management theory, which include the formation of strategies for the development of economic entities of agricultural production on the basis of theoretical and game model, methods of utility theory, vector optimization, situational control and situational evaluation. The essence of understanding of organizational and legal security of agrarian business entities as a deterministic state in which the enterprise is able to function as an independent business entity, to maintain its organizational, legal and property integrity, to carry out activities that differ from the main (financial and investment), has been improved. to join unions and to carry out effective internal management by providing interests, needs and values of stakeholders in its activity. A methodical approach to assessing the activities of the agrarian business entities under possible threats to organizational and legal security is distinguished, distinguished by their distribution on the matrix of placement by integral values, which reflect the values of the legal and organizational components with the separation of four enterprise clusters, stable state the organizational section, the unstable state in the legal section, the critical state, which is the basic basis of the recommendation to implement the relevant strategies. The methodological basis of management of organizational and legal security of agrarian business entities has been improved, characterized by the inclusion of general and specific principles, general (empirical, economic-mathematical, statistical, sociological studies) and applied methods (economic, administrative, social and psychological) in its composition. information, organizational-technological and institutional-legal); functions (forecasting, planning, organizing, motivating, controlling and regulating) as universal components and strategies as variant: evasion, acceptance, control and transmission.


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