Sharko A. Automation of identification process of the metal construction state under the loading conditions ambiguity

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 151 - Автоматизація та приладобудування. Автоматизація та комп’ютерно-інтегровані технології


Specialized Academic Board

ДФ 67.052.003

Kherson National Technical University


Object of research are processes of automation of metal structures condition under uncertainty of loading conditions. The purpose of the study is to develop models, methods and means of technological, informational and mathematical support for measurements automation and assessments of the state of metal structures in real time. Methods of research of automation of estimations processes of organizational and technical objects condition in contexts of their operation, materials science, nondestructive testing, matrix and tensor analysis at the decision of problems of dynamic systems identification. Methods of elasticity theory and fracture mechanics in studying the relationships of loads with the propagation of oscillations in deformed environment, for special software packages for mathematical and simulation modeling, for solving problems of modeling, forecasting and processing of experimental data. Fields of use are industry and exploitation.


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