Kulynych B. Coverage of the formation and development of Paralympic sports in Ukrainian press (late 80’s of the XX century – early XXI century).

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  • 032 - Гуманітарні науки. Історія та археологія


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Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereyaslav


Nowadays sport plays an important role in improving not only the individual but also society as a whole. In Ukraine the development of physical culture and sports is one of the priorities of state policy in the humanitarian sphere. In this context considerable attention is paid to the Paralympic sports development that involves people with disabilities. The scientific novelty of the dissertation research’ results is determined by the formulation and solution of the problem related to the history of Ukrainian Paralympic sports formation, development and establishment at the forefront of the world Paralympic movement. The history of Ukrainian Paralympic sports in connection with its coverage in the media has not been studied until now. The study for the first time on the basis of historiographical analysis describes the main stages of the history of Paralympic sports in Ukraine and its achievements in the international arena; demonstrates the role and place of sports of people with disabilities in the social policy of the state and public life; comprehensively summarizes the achievements of Ukrainian Paralympic athletes in the summer and winter Paralympic Games; reveals the transformation of Paralympic topics coverage in print and electronic mass media, characteristic features of information presentation forms on this topic and its content and genre direction; clarifies the role of electronic sports mass media in covering the history and formation of the Paralympic sports in Ukraine; outlines the differences in the concepts of sports coverage for people with disabilities in different online media. In the course of the research the reasoned conclusion about the separation of the Paralympic sports of Ukraine history as an important factor of public life that plays an important role in the formation not only of the individual but also of society as a whole was improved and expanded. The research has proved the urgency of comprehensive coverage of the history and modernity of the problem of social protection of people with disabilities, creating appropriate conditions for them to engage in physical culture and sports, to establish themselves in life through sports, to be able to demonstrate their skills by participating in competitions of the highest level. The thesis on the representativeness of the source base placed in the mass media and on the basis of its analysis of the reproduction of the history of Paralympic sports in Ukraine formation and development in the late 80s of the XX century – at the beginning of the XXI century got further developed. The dynamics of the traditional press evolution into modern forms of media communication and its coverage of Paralympic sports problems has been recorded.


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