Maksymenko A. Computer-integrated pyrolysis control system for agricultural waste with determination of synthesis gas composition.

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 151 - Автоматизація та приладобудування. Автоматизація та комп’ютерно-інтегровані технології


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ДФ 41.052.029

Odessа Polytechnic State University


The study is dedicated to solving the current scientific and technical problem of pyrolysis control of waste agro-industrial complex. The paper for the first time proposes a method of classification of waste of the agro-industrial complex, namely straw, by conditional gross formula. Also, a model of control, classification and clustering, pyrolysis of straw was developed in the first time. In this work further development of a control method based on the system of Mamdani fuzzy I / O is acquired. Also, the method of determining the real-time conditional gross formula of straw undergoing pyrolysis has been further developed.


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