Vasylenko O. Adaptability of grapes varieties selected by the National Scientific Centre “V. Yе. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking”, under the conditions of the northern part of the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine.

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Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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  • 203 - Аграрні науки та продовольство. Садівництво та виноградарство


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ДФ 26.004.053

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The dissertation presents the results of the research of growth, development and adaptive potential of the wine grapes plants (‘Aromatnyi’, ‘Illichivskyi rannii’, ‘Muskat odeskyi’, ‘Shkoda’, ‘Yarylo’) and table grapes plants (‘Zahadka’, ‘Kardyshakh tairovskyi’, ‘Kyshmysh tairovskyi’, ‘Kometa’, ‘Persei’), grown in soil and climatic conditions of the Kyiv Region. It also contains the comparison of these varieties in terms of the growth and development characteristics of the plants, of the formation and efficiency of their photosynthetic apparatus, of resistance to drought and winter hardiness, of tolerance to disease, of their yield and fruit quality, and shows the economic efficiency of growing grapes in Kyiv Region. It has been determined that technical varieties have a higher adaptive potential compared to the table ones. However, the planting of the latter is more profitable, the level of profitability of fruit production in a four-year vineyard is 183–257 %. The table varieties of ‘Zahadka’, ‘Kardyshakh tairovskyi’, ‘Kyshmysh tairovskyi’, ‘Persei’ in the conditions of Kyiv Region form a high harvest of a high quality and provide high economic effect. The technical varieties ‘Aromatnyi’, ‘Illichivskyi rannii’, ‘Shkoda’ and ‘Yarylo’ have high adaptive properties and are promising for the production of quality table wine materials. The table varieties of ‘Zahadka’, ‘Kardyshakh tairovskyi’, ‘Kyshmysh tairovskyi’, ‘Persei’ and technical ones of ‘Aromatnyi’, ‘Illichivskyi rannii’, ‘Shkoda’ and ‘Yarylo’ are recommended for production testing in industrial plantations in the conditions of the northern part of the Forest-Steppe, under cover culture. The technical varieties of ‘Aromatnyi’, ‘Illichivskyi rannii’ and ‘Muskat odeskyi’ are recommended to be tested for winter hardiness in the conditions of the northern part of the Forest-Steppe under noncovering culture. It was determined that at the estimated yield (modulated), the vineyard at fruiting age in the northern part of the Forest-Steppe can provide a profit from 45.6 (‘Muskat odeskyi’) to 152.4 thousand UAH / ha (‘Persei’) with a level of profitability of 55–170 %. It was proved that even at lower yields it is more profitable to grow table varieties than technical ones. However, in order to obtain a high economic effect in the cultivation of table varieties in the conditions of Kyiv Region, the obligatory agricultural measure is the annual sheltering of bushes for the winter period. When growing the fruits of technical varieties of grapes one should pay attention to the products of their processing (juices, wines, alcohols, etc.), which will help to sell the products at a higher price than berries. The highest profitability of berry production from plantations at fruiting age can be obtained in ‘Shkoda’ (in the group of technical varieties), and in ‘Persei’ among the table ones. It was established that the payback period of investments in the creation of a table vineyard in Kyiv Region averages in 10.2 years, and the technical ones in 15.5 years.


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