Kabantseva I. Kabantseva I. A. Anti-corruption resistance of civil society: experience of post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Object - inter-institutional confrontation of informal institutions of constructive (civil society) and destructive (corruption) types; the aim is a comparative-political conceptualization of anti-corruption counteraction of national civil societies of the CEE countries; methods - neo-institutionalism, political comparativism; the novelty of the tradition of public activism in the CEE countries analyzed is projected at the level of public anti-corruption. It is noted that in some of them corporate social capital has long been accumulated due to collective protest interactions; in others this experience has been gained recently. Corruption is either a catalyst for social activism or its actualization is displaced by socio-economic demands; results - can be used in the educational process in teaching political science disciplines, courses on the study of prevention and combating corruption, as well as in the practical activities of public activists and other policy makers.

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